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Choose the Approach That Works Best for You and the Dog

Get the puppy training that addresses the behavioral issues you are facing from Best Friend Dog Training in Littlestown, Pennsylvania. Chandra Smith offers a schedule that works with the busy lives people live while delivering an approach that emphasizes a practical application of the training. She provides this approach at her facility through her residential training, or in your home, depending on your preference.

A Weekly Focus on Learning

Choose from private obedience classes, residential, or in-home training.

Obedience classes meet once each week for eight weeks. Classes last 45 minutes each. Owners are taught how to train their dogs and how to apply what they've learned into every day life with their best friend. Classes can meet during the day, in evenings, or Saturday mornings. Classes are scheduled to meet the owners' schedules and routines. Call to schedule training.

Much like a boarding school, Chandra's residential training is perfect for busy people on the go. Your dog is left with her during the week, allowing her to train the dog at intervals during the day. The training takes approximately five weeks with the dog being with her four days a week, and the dog returns home on the weekend for family time. As the dog learns, the owner receives lessons from her on how to make the dog obey at home. This training is guaranteed. Call for more information. 

Intensified Evaluation and in-Home Training

This option is provided for specific behavior situations that require serious evaluations and in-home work. Chandra will come to your house for an evaluation and observation time. She discusses daily routines, and behaviors both good and bad. She then makes a series of suggestions. The first appointment lasts from one to two hours and she returns in a few days with a specific training plan for you to correct the behaviors you are observing.

Continual Reinforcement and Reevaluation

The owner then follows through on all suggestions and she will return for one more visit in another two-three weeks. The follow-up visit is to do a new evaluation and compare the two, to determine what further obedience training will be necessary and set up a training plan. This training is similar to the residential training in intensity. It is specifically designed to address behavior issues and involves in-home lessons and some obedience lessons at my facility. Call for more information.