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Well-Behaved Dogs and Simple Commands

Best Friend Dog Training in Littlestown, Pennsylvania, takes special pride in providing customized dog training services. You want a well-behaved, obedient dog, and Chandra Smith can help you achieve that goal. Using firm but loving techniques including behavior modification, a dog can be trained during any period of its life. Chandra Smith has more than 30 years of experience, and she can train your dog or puppy to your expectations.

An Assurance to You

Chandra Smith's training produces maximum results. After consulting with the pet owners, an obedience training strategy is planned for your dog. Training is customized to fit your schedules and needs. Your pet is taught and handled directly by the trainer, and as your dog masters each skill you are instructed how to follow through at home.


The Desired Skills at a Price You Can Afford

Chandra Smith's residential and in-home training comes with the guarantee that training sessions will continue until your dog learns all the desired skills. She has two options for the location of your dog's training; her facility or your house.

Basic Commands that make a difference

Under the direction of Chandra Smith, dog owners learn how to teach their dogs the basic commands and how the practical application of these commands will lead to well-behaved pets. These commands include:

Leave It | Drop It | Turn Away | Back It Up | Sit | Down | Heel | Come | Sit-Stay | Down-Stay | Stand

Private Obedience Training and Consultations

Chandra's basic classes meet once weekly for eight weeks, and they last a total of 45 minutes. The instruction is personalized and the classes can meet during the day, in the evening, or on weekends. The course ends with a graduation ceremony. She can also meet with you for expert recommendations on most any facet of dog behavior. This includes puppy raising and behavior problems including:

 Biting | Chewing | Destructiveness | Scratching | Barking | Aggressiveness | Separation Anxiety | Fearfulness